Spring In The Backyard Playground

Spring brings with it an abundance of outdoor family activities to choose from. So, do we take the kids biking, hiking, or to feed the ducks in the park? Regardless of which of our favorite activities we choose to do, we will spend lots of time in our own backyards. When kids are told to “go out and play”, they will likely go to the backyard playground. We intuitively know that it is best for children to play outdoors and science proves this. Studies show that there are myriad health’s benefits of children (and adults) spending time outdoors. While we are busy with the yearly ritual of getting the backyard ready for spring, it is worthwhile to know that there are long term health benefits for encouraging children to play outdoors.   

Physical and Emotional Health Benefits Of Children Playing Outdoors 

  • Studies show that just being outdoors gives us a boost of energy and makes it easier to exercise; scientists call this the green exercise effect. Children’s play is essential to developing muscle strength, coordination, motor skills and bone growth.
  • Just being outdoors reduces the intensity and duration of cravings for unhealthy foods according to studies.
  • Sunlight is one of the best sources for vitamin D, and children need vitamin D for bone growth, studies show 60% of kids do not get the optimal amount of vitamin D.
  • Children’s eyes need natural light for their eyes to develop properly, and it prevents nearsightedness.
  • Being outdoors promotes a feeling of well-being, tranquility, and happiness. We are wired to feel calmer when communing with nature. This overall calm feeling reduces stress and anxiety in children according to multiple studies. It enables children to focus better, enhances creativity, and thereby increases self-esteem.
  • Children learn invaluable social skills when playing with friend’s neighbors, and siblings outdoors. While playing they will need to work with their friends; to listen, cooperate, coordinate, and also how to deal with conflict. Learning how to lose and not get upset is a necessary lifetime skill. These skills cannot be taught, but rather are learned through experience which is the best teacher. The best environment to learn these skills is unstructured outdoor play time.


Replacing the wood mulch in the playground is a yearly ritual. By the end of the winter wood mulch has a tired and depleted look from the effects of the elements. It is a natural organic process for the wood mulch to rot and it’s good for the soil. However it is a yearly chore to schlep and replace the mulch, and rotting decaying wood mulch, does not enhance the appearance of the playground. PlaySafer rubber mulch is an excellent alternative to traditional mulches. It is guaranteed to last for 12 years and retain its color. PlaySafer rubber mulch’s shock absorbency is unparalleled, making it the best and safest playground surfacing solution. It is made from non-toxic rubber and is GSA, ASTM, and IPEMA certified .Due to its longevity it will save you money, time, and also improve the look of your backyard playground.

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