Rubber Mulch Vs Wood Mulches Playground Surfacing Solution

Over the past decades, rubber mulch has become an increasingly popular alternative to wood mulches for playground flooring. There are numerous factors involved in finding the perfect Playground surfacing solution for the backyard swing set, school, or city playground. Of course, safety is of paramount importance for when those inevitable falls happen; the flooring needs to be soft and shock absorbing. The flooring material also needs to be long lasting, durable, and maintenance free. Long term durability will determine how cost effective the flooring material is, and if it creates long term value. The appearance, texture is important too, as they make the playground alive and exciting. We are going to compare rubber mulch to wood mulch for four factors; safety, durability, cost, and appearance.


Safety & Shock Absorption

Rubber mulch’s shock absorption is unparalleled compared to wood mulches. Shock absorption is measured by fall height, which means the height that a child would be protected from a fall. According to the US governments CPSC website; 6 inches of rubber mulch has a fall height of 10 feet, and 9 inches of wood mulch has a fall height of just 7 feet. This means that rubber mulch has more than twice the shock absorbency of wood mulch.



PlaySafer rubber mulch is guaranteed to last for at least 12 years, and this includes that the color will not fade. This means that you can expect it to retain its original form and not compress for 12 years. Wood mulches compress and rot due to moisture and sunlight, and over time it will need to be topped over to retain its original depth. Playsafer rubber mulch is wind proof, meaning that it will not blow away in wind.



While initially rubber mulch is more expensive than wood mulches, over time it is the less expensive solution. This is due to its longevity, since Playsafer rubber mulch is guaranteed to last for 12 years. Wood mulch may be color guaranteed for one year, but that is the maximum. Within three to four years you will begin to save money on rubber mulch.



Wood mulches decay and rot due to moisture and sunlight. After the winter they will typically have a faded, depleted and tired look. Additionally due to compression they will be need to be topped out. Playsafer rubber mulch does not absorb moisture, and exposure to the elements will not cause its colors to fade. We guarantee Playsafer mulch to retain its color and form for at least 12 years.

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