PlaySaferTM Rubber Mulch

Can this be used in dog areas?
Sure! Rubber mulch is used by many dog owners for dog play areas

Someone told me that the colors transfer on to skin and clothing..Is this true?
Hi, we only use the highest quality dye which will not rub off onto clothing or hands.

We are considering getting rubber mulch - a neighbor mentioned there were some issues last year with rubber mulch and the chemicals. I need to know if this is safe for my grandchildren.
Hi, rubber mulch is a non-toxic product and is safe for kids to play on!

Does the rubber get hot in the summer
Rubber Mulch can get warm at the most, but will never get hot and is always safe to walk and play on.

Can I buy half a pallet as your calculator says I need 1.5?
Sure! All you need to do is select 1,000 lbs in the pallet size dropdown menu above.